Vectran™ LCP fiber at low temperature

Evaluated by ILC Dover during the design of the airbag system for the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission, ILC reported Vectran increased in strength in tests at –62°C, leading to its selection for the airbag fabric and external assembly tendons.

Vectran™ HT CTE at various

Temperature Range Fiber Longitudinal Direction CTE
(m/m- °C x 10-6)
VECTRAN HT Standard Aramid
–150 to 100°C –4.8 –4.9
100 to 200°C –11.6 –5.8

Thermal conductivity of Vectran™ HT

Direction Temperature °C Density
Specific Heat
Thermal Conductivity
W/m-°K 10-3 cal/cm-sec-°C
Vectran HT Longitudinal 23 1.4 1100 1.5 3.5
100 1.4 1420 2.0 4.7
Standard Aramid Longitudinal 23 1.44 1230 2.5 5.9

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