Offgassing and Outgassing

For aerospace applications, materials are screened for outgassing and offgassing properties. Outgassing, the release of chemicals from non-metallic substances in vacuum conditions, and offgassing, the release of chemicals from materials at ambient or high pressure, are important in assessing the use of materials in these unique environments. Vectran™ LCP fiber has excellent out- and offgassing characteristics.

Offgassing and outgassing test results for Vectran HT fiber

Vectran Fiber with:TML%CVCM%WVR%Toxic Hazard Index
No finish***
T97 finish*
T150 finish0.300.000.000.015

* Test results exceeded precision limits required to produce a statistically meaningful average. Individual sample measurements: fiber without finish, 0.21 and 0.07%; fiber with T97 finish, 0.13 and 0.19%.

** The contribution of benzyl alcohol to this T-value is 2.214. The concentration in the sample was 0.31μg/g; no measured SMAC value was available, therefore a conservatively low value of 0.14μg/g was assumed.

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