Radiation Exposure

LCPs are transparent to microwave energy and are virtually unaffected by high levels of radiation. Vectran™ fiber shares this characteristic and is stable in high X-ray exposure environments.

SampleTwist (t/m)Denier (dtex)Before Exposure Tenacity (g/d)Elongation (%)
Vectran HT801,69628.93.8
Vectran NT301,58923.92.6
Standard aramid301,74822.74.5
SampleTwist (t/m)Denier (dtex)After Exposure Tenacity (g/d)Elongation (%)Strength Resistance (%)
Vectran HT801,69128.44.398
Vectran NT801,59926.33.1110
Standard aramid801,70524.44.3108

Source: Soft X-ray radiation exposure 9.6×106 (mR/h at 1m), exposure time 30 minutes. This energy is equivalent to 1800 times the levels used in medical soft X-ray photography

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