Tensile Properties

Vectran™ LCP fiber offers unique properties as compared to traditional metals in terms of strength-to-weight ratios.

Vectran vs. traditional materials

Tensile Strength
Specific Strength
Tensile Modulus
Specific Modulus
Vectran NT1.41.179523,700
Vectran HT1.43.2229755,300
Vectran UM1.43.02151037,400
Stainless Steel7.92.0262102,700

Specific Strength = Strength/Density (also divided by force of gravity for SI units). Also known as breaking length, the length of fiber that could be held in a vertical direction without breaking.

** Specific Modulus = Modulus/Density (also divided by force of gravity for SI units). This measure increases with increasing stiffness and decreasing density.

Mechanical properties of Vectran filament yarn (average)

Break Strength3.225.9465324.4440
Initial Modulus7560010,76010383815,020
Elongation at Break %3.42.8


VECTRAN fiber is available in a variety of sizing options. Please contact a VECTRAN sales representative to assist with finish selection for your unique application.

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