Abrasion Resistance

External abrasion resistance

Abrasion test comparisons of VECTRAN and aramid braids were conducted by a high-performance rope and cable company using the test shown. With or without marine finish on the braid, VECTRAN outperforms aramid materials.

External Abrasion Resistance

External abrasion resistance, marine applications


Yarn-on-yarn abrasion resistance

Fatigue resistance can be measured using the rope and cordage industry standard known as the yarn-on-yarn abrasion test (i.e., The Cordage Institute test method CI-1503). This test simulates abrasion of adjacent yarns inside a rope or rope-splice during flexure. Using this test, the combination of wet and dry abrasion resistance by VECTRAN outperforms competitive materials like aramids and HMPEs.

Comparative testing of yarn-on-yarn abrasion resistance

Average Cycles-to-Failure
Yarn Dry Wet
VECTRAN T97, 1500D 16672 21924
Aramid 1, 1500D 1178 705
Aramid 2, 1500D 1773 759
Aramid 3, 1500D 974 486
PBO, 1500D 2153
HMPE, 1600D 8518 23619

Test Method CI-1503: 1.5 wraps, 500g load, 66 cycles/min, no twist.

Yarn-on-yarn abrasion of VECTRAN HT

Dry Test Wet Test Dry Test Wet Test
Test Load 500 g 500 g 800 g 800 g
VECTRAN HT 12987 30519 3581 16524
Aramid 939 3029 422 1719

* 1500 denier yarns, no twist, 1 wrap.