Vectran & Kuraray

Vectran® Fiber
A Unique Combination of Properties For
The Most Demanding Applications

Day in, day out, whether at home or in the office, we are surrounded by products from the Kuraray group – even if we are completely unaware of their presence. This is because the specialty products which our company produces worldwide are primarily used as important constituents in building and coating materials and in adhesives, home textiles and man-made leather, dental materials, carpets, in furniture finishes or in laminated safety glass.

An industry-leading textile fiber manufacturer, Kuraray has been providing innovative technical and industrial textile solutions for over 45 years.

About Vectran

Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran® is the only commercially available melt spun LCP fiber in the world. Vectran® fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound Vectran® fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. These unique properties characterize Vectran®:

  • High strength and modulus
  • Excellent creep resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent flex/fold characteristics
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Outstanding cut resistance
  • Excellent property retention at high/low temperatures
  • Outstanding vibration damping characteristics
  • High impact resistance